Why Rehabilitation?

After being treated in a medical establishment for an injury or illness, the often longer and more challenging process of healing and regaining one’s physical ability begins.

For many, they expect their health and body to “be as good as new” upon checking out from the medical facility. However, the realisation that this may not always be the case and that they now have to put up with certain physical limitations can sink anyone into a state of frustration and even depression. 

The importance of a proper and comprehensive rehabilitation programme as a step-down process after treatment is often left out. It is also
a common misconception to assume physiotherapy and rehabilitation are the same as the required holistic approach towards a complete rehabilitation programme is not easily available. Physiotherapy is just a component of the rehabilitation process to restore the patient’s physical, mental and emotional abilities.

That is why, we at RES-REHAB have a mission to provide Malaysians and the rest of the world with a comprehensive “Resurrection and Rehabilitation” programme that not only restores their quality of life as before but more importantly, enables them to understand the root cause of their health problems in order to prevent a relapse or recurrence – for the continuous joy of living.

Find Your Joy of Living

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